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Why Use A Property Manager?



Capitol City Property Management staff members are professionals with years of experience. We use our knowledge of what comparable properties are renting for and market demand to arrive at fair market rent for your home.



Through our involvement with the California Rental Housing Association and the Sacramento Rental Housing Association, we stay on top of developments that affect your rental property. The amount of paperwork and legal issues that must be addressed can be overwhelming. We help you through it all, helping you to avoid legal problems.



You may not be reaching many qualified tenants if your home is not properly marketed. Our experience in marketing and lease negotiations enables us to find tenants faster and reduce your loss of income from vacancies. When a house is for rent "By Owner" tenants usually expect a lower price and less scrutiny of their financial history. If you do not properly screen new tenants, you increase your risk of ending up in court trying to recoup past-due rent and other damages. We thoroughly investigate prospective tenants to ensure they are financially qualified -- which could save you money in the long run.



Trying to show your home to potential tenants can be an inconvenience, and often many of the callers don't actually show up for their appointment. Potential tenants often expect a fast response. If they have to wait to see the house on your schedule, they may lose interest before they ever see it. We ensure your property will be seen by the most tenants possible, at times that are convenient for their schedules, while maintaining the highest level of security for your property.



Once your home is rented, a property manager will keep an eye on your property to ensure that it is being taken care of. Having someone local means that any problems can be found and corrected faster.



We handle both routine repairs and emergencies. Because of our extensive experience, we know how to avoid unnecessary repairs and reduce your maintenance expenses. Plus, we have reliable established contractors and maintenance professionals working primarily for us, so we know the best professional for each type of job. The bottom line is that you save money and time.



By using systems to track things such as repairs, rent collection, correspondence and upcoming events such as inspections and lease renewals, we can provide a faster response to you and your tenants, and keep you better informed.


Why Choose Capitol City Property Management?



Property Managers and Staff of Capitol City Property Management has been Property Managers in Sacramento since 1997. Born and raised in Sacramento, California, they put their unique understanding of the local market to work for you. Their depth of knowledge extends well beyond setting a market-specific rent rate for your property. Over the years, Capitol City Property Management has forged solid relationships with reliable service/ maintenance contractors who are available to assist Capitol City Property Management quickly and at the best possible price.



Getting your property rented is only a small portion of what we do. Just a few of our services include: monthly owner reports that detail money flowing in and out of your account, balanced to the penny. Maintenance and repair services that are carried out swiftly and accurately. Tenant concerns that are addressed quickly and managed effectively. Move-in and move-out inspections protect your investment. And much, much more!



Capitol City Property Management is dedicated to ensuring that you have the information you need to feel confident that your property is carefully managed. In addition to our month-end reports, our entire staff is available by telephone and e-mail to answer any questions or concerns.



To help tenants better understand their responsibilities, Capitol City Property Management reviews the entire lease/month to month rental agreement with each and every person before they sign their agreement. It also allows Capitol City Property Management staff to ensure they are delivering consistent information to every tenant, every time.



• Setting market-specific rent rate

• Assistance in preparing property to be rented

• Coordinating necessary repairs and paying contractors

• Advertising the unit in a variety of media

• Screening tenants and performing credit checks

• Preparing and executing legal documents

• Review Lease Agreement with Tenants

• Monitoring the home

• Accepting rent

• Sending late-rent notices

• Monthly owner reports

• Annual Maintenance Inspections

• Move-in inspections

• Move-out inspections




Everyone knows that one of the most important aspects of Property Management is the preservation of the property, mainly making sure that the property is taken care of.  We work hand in hand with the Tenant to make sure that everything is in good working condition.  This is a reason why we have Annual Maintenance Reviews.  Our Certified Home Inspectors go out to the properties to do an inspection of the home.  They go through the house and do a complete and thorough review and may go into great detail if needed.  We also offer Repair Estimate choices which we leave completely up to you.  We have great Handyman available who will go out to the property and research the problem.  They will then write up an estimate for approval.  We will either approve the work (depending on the cost) or send it directly to you for approval.  Payment will be made when the work is completed.  Capitol City Property Management will not be responsible for any costs incurred for work completed. 

For more answers to all your questions, please reach out to us directly and we will be glad to assist you. 

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